The School

Recognized institutions for best Education!

Blessings International School is a Recognized, Partially residential, Co-educational, English Medium School, providing the very best kind of Education, special, individual attention and care is taken to create better citizens to our motherland. “The purpose of the School is to enable the individual develop harmoniously all the elements and powers of his nature to give him opportunity to use and sublime all his instincts and to inculcate an ideal which will have a controlling place in the pupil's life and so harmonize his powers and instincts and harness him for the work of pursuing the ideal”.


Unique Blessings

  • 1. Dakshina Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha Exams
  • 2. Bharathidasan University Certified Computer Course
  • 3. Abacus for Grade I - V
  • 4. Vedic Maths for Grade VI -VIII
  • 5. Smart Board in all the classes
  • 6. SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work)
  • 7. Life Skills — OSLA
  • 8. XSEED Foundation & MAX (Digital Content) - Junior KG to Grade VI
  • 9. CLOBAS Web portal & Mobile App.
  • 10. NEET, JEE & Civil Exam Coaching
  • 11. Robotics for Grade IV —VIII


Competitive Exams

  • 1. Science Talent Search Exam - Unified Council
  • 2. Spelling Bee - School, District, State & National level
  • 3. Proficiency Test - Shakespeare Institute of English Studies
  • 4. ‘OSHO’- Drawing Competition
  • 5. Bharathiyar Competitions (Tamil & English)
  • 6. Times of India
  • 7. Cyberbot Robotic Competition
  • 8. Race2IAS Exam
  • 9. Olympiad Exams
  • 10. XSEED Max Online Test
Blessings School Building

Our Vision & Mission

  • Vision: Blessings school will nurture each child with holistic perspective and empower them to take the world on their stride.
  • Mission: Our mission is to carve young minds to expand their potential to the fullest by providing opportunities to use and sublime all his/her instincts. To inculcate an ideal which will have a controlling place in the pupil’s life and so harmonize his powers and instincts and harness him for the work of pursuing the ideal.

Blessings School Building

We Aim at

Developing the Childrens' Potential

Our aim is to help each child to develop his or her full potential academically, socially, physically, morally, spiritually and aesthetically and to provide opportunities for achievement, satisfaction and enjoyment. The establishment of school on public school lines is one of the ways by which this craving for quality in education has been in a measure met. Such education has been and will be a national asset, of practical use and not a mere prestigious symbol.


Blessings Educational Trust

The Blessings International School is founded by the Blessings Educational Trust (regd). The Management for this institution is vested in a Board of Governors with Sri. E. Thomas Jeyapaul, M.A., M.Ed., Chairman, whose vast experience more than four decades in the field of education and his perfect understanding of human beings inspires the students, parents and staff alike to achieve the objects of quality education of the highest standard.

Blessings Trust

Blessings School Building

Our Specialities

Environment, Creativity

The School is located at Keerapakkam, on the Chengalpattu-Mahabalipuram main road, (9 km from Chengalpattu) situated in an ideal spot. The Campus is spacious having 2.5 acres of land with good water facilities and freed of all sorts of pollution.

The School is managed by a Principal with rich experience in the field of education who is helped by a group of trained, experienced, competent and enterprising teachers. They train the children in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. To ensure quality education maximum strength of each class is restricted to only 30 always. Good transportation facility is available in the School. The hostel is homely, Principal within their reach and the vast playground promises sound physical health, ultimately provides all round development. Emphasis is on thorough knowledge in every subject. The teacher-pupil interaction is cordial.

The school publishes a newsletter with students’ articles named BERNICE which means 'Bringer of Victory'. The teacher in charge collects the articles and the selected articles along with best performance get published in Bernice. The best articles are selected for the school magazine.